Boxing royalty comes to MBC

Mischa and Sam in 2013When I first met Sam ‘King’ Soliman back in the days of the Underworld Gym in the early 2000s, they called him Triple-A – Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere. As a journalist on the Herald Sun I was one of the first to write about his unique style and tremendous tenacity and flair. And now he’s internationally recognised. Back then he was a daring up and comer who would often fight above his weight division and always show up with a smile. The name might not have stuck but the philosophy has. It took him from an entertaining local to becoming the IBF World Middleweight Champion. Through the years at the Underworld, Sam was always friendly to everyone in the gym, smiling, laughing and encouraging those at all levels. And that’s another thing that hasn’t changed – a generous spirit, something that makes him an excellent teacher.

And I’m excited to say, he’ll be coming to Mischa’s Boxing Central to offer two boxing workshops over the weekend of August 8 and 9. There will be a limit to numbers, but if the Saturday fills up we will hold a second workshop on the Sunday. The workshop will include a talk by Sam about his career with a Q and A, training techniques, sparring drills and sparring sessions. It will be a packed and exiting day for all lovers of boxing.

A champ in and out of the ringIt will be such a great opportunity to meet Sam who has a professional record of 44 wins to 12 losses and has fought and trained all over the world. You’ll have a chance to hear about and learn what he has picked up in a long and impressive career in which his work ethic, fitness levels and good character have been a credit to himself and the sport of boxing.

Until his defeat by Jermain Taylor in his first title defence last October, when he suffered a crippling knee injury, Sam was undefeated in his past six fights, winning four in the distance. Sam is now on the comeback trial to win the IBF World Middleweight Title for a second time. He’s scheduled to fight Dominic Wade in Shelton, Washington, on Friday, June 26. Then he’ll be back to tell us all about it.


So don’t miss the chance to meet and train with this highly decorated boxer with a inspiring story and an engaging personality.

You can book your spot at the Boxing Central Shop. Tickets are $150 for the day. First in, best dressed.


Inquiries 0408012299 or

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