Mischa Merz

Mischa Merz, is a former Australian national boxing champion and US Golden Gloves masters champion and Ringisde world masters champion. She has been at the forefront of the growing international women’s boxing scene for 20 years and knows the sport inside out.

She has written two critically acclaimed memoirs about her experiences and as a journalist has written extensively about boxing for newspapers and magazines. She has been to the United States regularly to train, fight and learn from some of the best in the business and has also spent time at the Australian institute of Sport.

She is an accredited boxing coach and has a Certificate III and IV in Fitness.

Nick Mann

Nick Mann takes the ultimate strength & conditioning circuit that will make your day zing! It’s the perfect complement to our boxing fitness classes and will help you boost your punching power and stamina.

After years of training and fighting in Korea and the Philippines, Nick amassed a record of 8-3 in MMA and 2-1 in kickboxing and won championship belts in both. He’s now stepped back from active competition to focus on coaching, training and flower arrangement. Since then he has spent his time learning all he can about strength training, fitness, bodybuilding and fat loss.

He’s a walking example of the benefits of his own training style.

For personal training sessions with Nick call 0416806878


Jeni Ragheb has been taking her tough Tuesday night sessions for the past few years. Jeni’s classes are challenging but fun and she’ll often be seen to jump in and join the class showing people that she can definitely walk the walk.

Jeni has a varied background that includes two boxing fights as well as having trained in classical ballet, jazz, street and Latin dance for over 25 years.

She has worked as a personal trainer and fitness instructor for the past eight years specialising in weight training, functional fitness training and boxing.

She’s local to the Western Suburbs and available for PT sessions.

0438 307026 Jeni.ragheb@yahoo.com.au


Cidalia 'Cid' Pires

Cidalia, or Cid, has been a loyal member of the Boxing Central family since it opened in 2013.

In that time she has lost close to 30 kgs and had four interclub fights and been a valued sparring and training partner for all the younger female boxers who have come to the gym. She has become a highly skilled boxer herself and has plans to compete in the masters at a national level.

Now she is making the move to coaching to take charge of the MBC kids’ classes. Cid is patient, fun and engaging and we’re thrilled to have her on board in this new role.

Sally Bee

Sally Bee has been working in the fitness industry for the past five years.
She’s a licensed boxing trainer and has had four fights so far with plans to return to the competition ring very soon.

She’s full of energy and enthusiasm for the sport and her optimism is catchy. She’ll work you hard, push you beyond your limits, but she’ll make sure you have fun doing it. She currently runs the 6.30pm boxing fitness classes on Monday and Wednesday nights.

‘I am a firm believer in maintaining fitness in order to promote a healthy, stress free, balanced lifestyle. I encourage all women in boxing and am fully committed to supporting my clients and developing their skills whilst achieving their personal health and fitness goals,’ she said.

Sally recently started her own personal training business called Amazon Boxing and Fitness. You can contact her on 0402731762.

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