Stand and deliver

November 25, 2012

Boxing stance is a tricky notion because it’s essentially fluid. You can be shown how to stand. But you rarely, if ever, just stand still in the boxing ring. You have to plant your feet to throw most punches. But you have to move immediately. You must move your head or your feet. So stance is a forever shifting and changing. Above all, balance is the most important element.

It might seem like a simple idea but stance also often depends on the style you fight.

Johnny from Expert Boxing makes some great points in his article on stance. I  like the section on ‘General Boxing Stance Principals’ he outlines with particular attention to the lower body.

I see people wanting to lunge forward and throw their weight onto the front foot all the time when they start out. I guess beginners mostly feel they can get closer to the target that way. And they’re right. They do get closer. But they bring themselves into punching range at the same time.

Read Johnny’s article for some great points to remember about stance.



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