Smashing it

April 12, 2013

My bum and legs are killing me today. And I guess it’s the same for Zoi Georgiou and Jess Mackenzie who joined me in what I have dubbed the ‘smash session’ on Thursday night at 6.30pm.

We squatted, we squat jumped, we lunged and lunged and did burpees and push-ups. Many of them. Too many to count.

But what exactly does ‘smash session’ mean?  Well, it’s high intensity. We put the boxing gloves aside and work on stuff that will help us be better in the ring and out. It’s metabolic training. It will improve your fitness and strength at the same time and it will boost your metabolism so that it runs higher at rest. That means your body will become more efficient at burning fat. And who doesn’t want that? It’s a tough session but it has lots of breaks and is divided into four segments so that the end is always in sight. Part one is the warm up, which involves running, sprinting, skipping type movements. Part two is a challenge, either against the clock or not. Part two might be a Tabata session or a circuit which involves using equipment like slam balls, battle ropes, plyometric boxes, bulgarian bags, kettle bells and body weight exercises like burpees, mountain climbs and squat jumps. Then we have a rest and the final segment is core and abs. It’s full tilt.

Ross Enamait

My inspiration is the king of smash Ross Enamait  (pictured left). He’s the man and he is totally awe inspiring. If you can get yourself a body as well conditioned as his then you’re already a fighter. Have a look at some of the amazing feats of strength and balance on his website.

The idea of this session is to take you out of your comfort zone for a little while, set the bar a little higher. We all suffer together. Last night could have been a sound track for a porno shoot there was so much groaning. But we got through it. And we pushed harder than any of us would have done if we had been alone. And there is no shame in hanging back and slowing the pace. Everyone has different limits and the idea is that we encourage each other to find our own limits and go beyond.

Luke Bones is the regular instructor but he had the night off last night. There’s no boxing in this session but it will definitely help your boxing no matter what level, a fighter or a beginner. So come on. Let’s smash it!

In the news 

Meanwhile, the gym has picked up some good publicity this month with stories in the local Maribyrnong Weekly and the international go-to website for women’s boxing WBAN.

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