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June 26, 2013

New classes will begin in July 2013 including a beginner’s sparring class and two new boxing fitness classes.

Learn to spar

This is the class that I’m most excited about. Beginner sparring will start at 6pm on Mondays. In this class you can take the bold step from the fitness class to actual contact. The class will focus on defence techniques for boxing, so make no mistake, it will involve not just hitting others but being prepared to take a hit yourself. Mouth guards are mandatory. We won’t be punching hard but we will be taking aim at each other with blocking drills, slipping drills, evasive footwork, ducking and counter punching, all necessary components if you want to take your boxing further. These skills take time, patience and a little discomfort to learn but they are aspects of the sweet science you cant do without. But you will find, whether you do take it further or not, that you will begin to really understand the reasons for bringing your hands back fast, moving your head, maintaining your balance and keeping your chin down.

Wednesdays at 9.15am will be our first mid week morning fitness class. It will be similar to the evening classes, but shortened to 45 minutes for those busy mums dropping off their kids after school, those who do shift work, people who start late, have the day off or simply work from home.

And finally there will also be an additional Tuesday 6pm boxing fitness class starting as well.

So there’ll be more to choose from at Boxing Central and fewer excuses, now that there is something going on four nights a week as well as Wednesday and Saturday mornings.



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