Fight time

August 9, 2013

This Sunday, three of Boxing Central’s finest will be travelling to Epping at the Casa D’Abruzzo Club in O’Hearns Rd to compete.

Luke Bones wins last month. Picture Eva Mikesici

Luke Bones (left) and Santo Surace will be coming of wins from their last bouts at the Calabria Club and Fabian Matutini will be battling to redeem a close, split decision loss. We are proud of all three of these boxers regardless of the outcome of the fights. We know they have all trained hard, listened carefully and been an absolute pleasure to have in the gym. Winning is great. We all love to win. But it’s also just as important to learn, to grow and to have a crack and being the best you can be. That’s all we ask of anyone.

Also these guys are great people top have in the gym, always willing to help out those less experienced and always ready to step up and take the challenge of sparring people more experienced than themselves. In fact they love that challenge, just what true fighters should be.

So if you want to come and support them I’ll be posting the bout sheet on Boxing Central’s Facebook page as soon as it’s available. The show starts at 1pm. You can calculate when they will be fighting by allowing roughly 10-15 minutes per bout. The tournament will also include selection trials for the elite men who are vying to get a spot on the national team to compete in the coming world championships in October. So even if you come early there’s bound to be plenty of high level, well matched competitive amateur boxing to watch and learn from.

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