Time to shine

December 9, 2013

The women’s boxing clinic at Boxing Central on Australia Day weekend (January 24-27) is shaping up to be a pretty unique event. There have been a lot of expressions of interest already, especially from new boxers planning to make their competition debut in 2014. So this clinic might be the first step in creating some more depth in women’s boxing in Australia.

Bianca Elmir

Bianca Elmir

Those who are already in the mix and competing have been focusing on their state titles. But now that there is a break in competition it’s time to plan your  summer training schedules. I would urge all boxers, especially those who might not have had the opportunity to attend AIS camps, to see the weekend as a great chance to polish their skills, pick up ideas and even pass on some of their experience so that the depth of women’s boxing can grow and we can face the world with confidence.

It’s our time to shine.

This is a weekend for women’s competition boxing.

Bianca Elmir in action.That means there will be sparring and full contact drill work. So for those newer boxers, in means that basic defensive skills will be tested and developed. For the more experienced it will be a chance to test your whole range of skills, from technique to tactics as well as trying some new things out. There’s nothing better than experimenting with styles and techniques that you might not want to risk under the gaze of judges under the pressure of  a competition setting.

Other plans for the weekend include a talk from Boxing Australia about rules and programs upcoming, as well as a sports nutritionist who will talk about the best way to train, make weight and maintain energy and good health. There are also some film screenings in the works.

Here is Paul Oilver’s short clip of Bianca Elmir training at Boxing Central earlier this year to give you an idea of what lies ahead.

By the way, coaches are welcome to this clinic. So if you feel you want your coach to be present for sparring that’s absolutely fine with us.

For more information and payment details and to get on the clinic mailing list email Mischa Merz at [email protected]

Or you can buy your place at the clinic right now for the full price through this PayPal link to the right on this page.


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