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March 17, 2014

Everyone finds a turning point with boxing training. Changes can be dramatic and substantial at first. You get noticeably  fitter, stronger, and trimmer. And you enjoy it so much that one day  you follow your curiosity into the ring and start sparring.

And that’s when the tables turn.

The thing that got you fitter and stronger is now demanding more of you. It wants you to be fitter than boxing alone can make you. It wants you to do EXTRA! How could that be? Boxing lures you in like that. It gives and gives and then it takes. It will do all the work initially. It will tone your arms, strengthen your core, give you greater lung capacity.

But when you decide to step it up you realise that now you have to train for boxing. You need to do more push ups, more sit ups, more sprints. If you happen to be female, you can never have too much functional strength supporting what you do in the ring.

And after Easter we’ll have just the thing. A  class that is unique  to Mischa’s Boxing Central that will develop your functional, dynamic strength.

Tennille Hay

Tennille Hay

The Super Power session will be conducted by Tennille Hay and will involve some serious strength work, suitable for boxers and non boxers alike

No matter what you do get ready to be stronger than ever before by learning and progressing traditional strength exercises the way athletes do.
This is unlike cross fit and other high intensity sessions. This is a class focusing on technique, injury prevention & strong foundations which improves your acceleration, power, speed and quickness.
Men and women of all levels welcome.
This class runs in 8 week blocks to teach you the importance of periodisation.
This class is only for 5-6 people to enable Tennille to really personalise and supervise in a safe and effective manner.

That means I will need to take bookings. Members pay nothing but non-members, including those who have ten visit passes, must pay for the 8 weeks in a block. They will cost $160 per person and the class will run every Thursday night at 7pm and change every 8 weeks.  This is not a strength and conditioning fitness circuit that you can do when you feel like it. Those classes will continue on a Tuesday night at 7pm. This class is for those who are genuine about building strength.

Tennille is an accredited and highly experienced exercise physiologist and personal trainer who graduated with a Masters in exercise rehabilitation from the Australian Catholic University.

Since 2004, Tennille has focused on the areas of strength and conditioning, and injury rehabilitation, both within the public setting as well as in the sporting arena (which is where her passions lie). She has worked closely with the Victorian football league, Women’s AFL (VWFL), basketball and dancing. In her own sporting endeavours, Tennille also played for Melbourne University in the VWFL and has over 17 years’ experience as a dancer.

Some might know Tennille from the session she did for the Women’s Boxing Weekend clinic at MBC recently and following that she helped prepare Diana Prazak for her WBC defence against Shannon O’Connell, which she won in a fifth round stoppage.


Diana Prazak fighting Shannon O'Connell on March 1.

Diana Prazak fighting Shannon O’Connell on March 1.

Classes will star on April 24. Please email [email protected] to book your place



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