Sunny days

August 29, 2014

The first warm days at the end of winter and the onset of spring remind us that it won’t be long before we start shedding clothes.

Most people who train hard through winter at Boxing Central are excited about that. But if you’ve spent winter hibernating under a doona you might be a bit anxious. And that’s why we’ve decided to add some new classes to help people get into shape before the beach weather sets in and it’s too late.

Two new morning classes have been added to the timetable and some new instructors have come on board.

Patrycja or P-Dub for short

Patrycja or P-Dub for short

Patrycja Witkowska, a personal trainer who lives in Footscray, will be taking the new Friday 9.15am ‘Butts and Guts class’ designed to get you into shape for summer. The first class, on Friday September 5, is free! Join her for this great new non-boxing class.

Patrycja, who has a Polish background, says people call her P-Dub for short.

‘I love challenging my body and spending time outdoors, especially in the in the mountains. Snowboarding and hiking are particular favourites of mine,’ she says. ‘I’m not one to sit still for too long.’¬†

‘I believe that our body is designed to move, as often as it is possible. In order to keep our body lean, strong and well conditioned, we need to place frequent, purposeful¬†and focused demand on it. I’ve found high intensity and functional strength training to be some of most efficient and effective methods to lose weight and build strength for everyday life, ‘ she says.


‘My workouts are designed to maximise results, increase muscle definition, toning and your metabolic rate ideal for fat burning. With your assistance I will help to get the best out of you in the safest way possible.’

P-Dub, whose specialty is weight-loss, is also available for one on one personal training sessions. Call Mischa on 0408 012299 for more information.

There will also be a new Boxing Fitness 9.15am class on Mondays to ad to the Wednesday morning class. I’ll be running that class while another new instructor has come on deck all the way from NZ to take the Monday evening Boxing Fitness class at 7pm. Shane Snaddon has had 87 amateur boxing fights and has a wealth of knowledge to ad to the class. He’s also available for one on one sessions with an emphasis on boxing. I’ll be writing more about Shane in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, think about that Friday morning shape up to get yourself started for the sunny days ahead.

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