Girls get a taste of the real thing

March 3, 2015

Sparring can be a frightening prospect for anyone considering taking boxing to the next level, beyond the fitness class and into the ring. If you’ve watched any of the Rocky films or Raging Bull you could be having nightmares about your first attempt at the real thing. Black eyes, busted lips, your head spinning around like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. Your mother no longer able to recognise you.

Forget about that right now! With our one day learn to spar workshop for women that isn’t going to happen.

Stories of old are filled horrors of boys being thrust into the ring to test their heart. If they come back the next day then the trainer decides maybe it’s worth teaching them some skills. You do need heart to be a fighter, that’s true. But you can find that in yourself without being beaten up first. The truth is, that as you progress and take more challenges in boxing, you will take a beating from time to time. But before you get to that, you need to be equipped with some survival skills. Defence. It’s number one in boxing. Hit and don’t get hit. Without a defence you can’t think, so before you do anything you’ll be learning the various defence options and practicing them with your partner. Blocking, slipping, ducking, weaving and stepping. And from there you’ll be moving through a series of drills to help you test and practice those moves. Only when you are comfortable and have a level of confidence will we open up the sparring.

You’ll be surprised by what you can achieve and how brave you really are. And once you start and get into the flow, you won’t want to stop.

So if you’ve got the urge to learn to spar with others at your own level as well as having the chance to spar with some experienced female boxers, including myself and Bianca Elmir, who will work with you, then don’t miss out on this one day workshop.

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