Wojtek Luka

October 13, 2021

Wojtek came to MBC to join our Fighter’s Class in 2020 after an extensive amateur boxing career in his native Poland then the UK. He has now also competed in Melbourne with coaches Mischa and Qamil in his corner. He’s made a great contribution to the gym as a fighter and now as a trainer, having spent lockdowns completing his Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness, topping his class at the AIF and voted the best trainer by his teachers and classmates. Now we’re lucky enough to have him on board as an instructor, bringing his experience in sports including Athletics (Javelin), Thai Boxing and Vale Tudo as well as boxing into the mix.

‘I’m passionate about helping other people to change their life for better,’ he said, ‘with my skills I would like to help boxers and others who don’t want to compete, to jump to another level in their training.’

Wojtek is also available for personal training sessions.

You can contact him +61 452 350 510

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