Win-win in the battle of the sexes

November 11, 2012

Dan and Mischa

Boxing Central might have a focus on promoting female fighters. But we value men and want them around, especially the kind of men who like to train alongside strong, capable women.

Even more I like men who like to be trained by a woman. As a coach I don’t discriminate and I enjoy training men just as much as I do women.

And women need men in the gym to inspire and challenge them and vice versa. Women boxers the world over are known for pushing through the training without complaining.

Men have more physical intensity naturally and women will strive to match that.

Women often rely on skill while men will sometimes resort to brute force. Both are legitimate tools in boxing and we all need to mix it up, see what works and what doesn’t and learn from each other.

I’ve always thought that the best measure of a man is how he deals with women in boxing. And I’ve found that the ones who accept and celebrate females in the sport are a better kind of man on every level.

These guys are secure in their masculinity and confident about where they stand. They are unthreatened by physical women who want to take risks. And the Boxing Central men are all like that and they make great role models for younger men and great company in the gym.

This comes from the top down. Coach Sam trained me when I fought and has trained many women before and since as well as men.

So Boxing Central’s philosophy is a win-win situation when it comes to the battle of the sexes. We battle together, not against each other.

No one is excluded.

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