This is what a fighter looks like

November 18, 2012

Zoi Georgiou

This is my boxer girl Zoi Georgiou. She’s also a great hair dresser and an award winning colourist as well. In a past life she was a singer and came runner up in the Greek version of Australian Idol. She also went through a phase of corresponding with serial killers. But who am I to judge.

All I know is there’s certainly more to this girl than meets the eye.

And early next year she’ll be ready to fight in the amateurs.

Zoi always rocks up to training looking a million dollars and ends up looking a bit like Alice Cooper when she’s finished. But that just enhances her gorgeousness. Even with runny mascara and a bruised and bloody nose, she still manages to look great and emit warmth and enthusiasm.

Zoi first started training with me back at Doherty’s gym where she had gone to lose some weight. She’d done that by the time she started my boxing fitness classes and was looking for something new to stimulate her.

I remember one day asking Zoi to hit me in the body, just as an exercise, before the class started. But she seemed reluctant.

‘Would you feel better if I hit you too?’ I asked and she nodded. Ever since then, she’s been in the ring more than a few times a week, taking on challenges and overcoming fears.

One thing I can say about Zoi is she’s a fighter. She’s got a fighter’s heart. She might look like a glamour girl with her fancy nail extensions and perfect make-up. But underneath she’s as tough as they come. She gets knocked down and she dusts herself off and gets on with it. She does this in and out of the ring.

She’s had a pretty crazy year of car crashes and heart breaks, heart surgery and family dramas. But she’s battled her way through them and come out stronger.

She is responsible for catching a guy who tried to grab and sexually assault her in the stairwell where she works. But she head butted him and ran. The incident was caught on CCTV and eventually the guy gave himself up. Zoi likes to tell me that her uncle in Greece KO’d a goat once and now she head butted one. I’m very proud of the way she fought off the attacker and made sure she followed it through until he was caught.

As you can see, she enjoys wearing a T-shirt that makes a statement. She likes to wear a T-shirt I found for her at the Anglesea Op Shop last summer with Wonder Woman on it and every time I see her wear that I think there is no more fitting name for this girl.

She’s a wonder woman and wonderful person to have in the gym, always ready to take on anyone and anything. And she’s always encouraging of others and helps them along.

Hopefully 2013 will see her get rewarded for all her efforts and have a smooth run into the ring. I know she deserves it.

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