New classes, fresh faces

February 26, 2013

Daniel Null

Early start

This  is the smiling face that will greet you at 6.30am on a Tuesday morning for an exhilarating start to your day.

The charming Daniel Null hails from North Carolina in the United States and has lived in Australia for five years. He started boxing just over 12 months ago and has already had two fights, with many more to come. Dan can do damage in the ring. But he’s a total gentleman when the gloves are off. His workouts will be fun and challenging.

Dan, 27, if a former US Marine and has seen action in Iraq twice. His boxing fitness classes will begin on Tuesday, March 12, they will go for one hour and promise to be just the thing to get you off to a good start for the day.

Call 0408 012299 or email [email protected] and book in for a special introductory discount on what are expected to be extremely popular classes.

Get smashed

Luke Bones

The new Thursday night smash session at 6.30pm will be conducted by our Novice champion and fighter of the day Luke Bones. The class has already begun but Luke is still travelling in north and south America and won’t begin taking the sessions until March 14 but Mischa will be taking them until he returns. This is a short, sharp, high intensity session with plenty of jumping, squatting, sprinting, lunging, battle rope banging, bulgarian bag swinging and monster ab workouts. It’s a challenging session requiring some basic fitness and is best for those who want to get their bodies into fighting shape.

And for those who live locally and might want a slower start to the day, Mischa will be running a Saturday morning session at 9am. This is ideal for those at entry level who also want a workout. She’ll be giving you some gentle guidance on boxing technique that will help set you up for the more advanced evening sessions.

We still have the Monday and Wednesday boxing fitness classes with Mischa and Sam at 7pm and everyone is welcome to train in the gym from 4pm every week day and from 9-12 on Saturdays.


Mischa Merz

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