The Smooth Operator

March 10, 2013

Sam and Aaron with the trophy.

The Boxing Central crew were ringside at Jeff’s Shed on the long weekend to witness Aaron Masters in his amateur boxing debut against the Brian Butler trained Noah Yang. We all wondered how the fight would play out since Aaron and Noah had similar tall, lanky 63-kgs builds and Butler is a renowned trainer of some notable amateurs, including the talented Molony twins, Jason and Andrew.

Aaron was calm and confident going into the fight. The two interclub bouts he’d had last year probably helped him to stay focussed.

His fight was second on the card but there were a few exhibition bouts and interruptions and delays. Learning to ‘hurry up and wait’ is what it’s all about. Staying focussed when things can be erratic or slow and frustrating is all part of the process.

Anyway, Aaron in the blue corner, did a superb job against a very good boxer. Up two points after the first round finishing with a score of 16-11 after a hectic third round in which he began to find his mark despite Yang coming out aggressively, all guns blazing.

With his father Gordon watching, Aaron was the happy trophy holder and we were all very proud of him. He’s come a long way since doing my boxing fitness classes in Brunswick two years ago. I always though Aaron had the right stuff as an athlete and he’s proving to have a good boxing brain as well. And all his fellow boxers were thrilled to see the young gun, dubbed The Smooth Operator, do well.

Boxing Central crew and their man of the moment Aaron Masters.

Sam and Aaron warm up.











Meanwhile, this week Boxing Central is expanding the number of classes available for those who are keen for morning training and something special for people who want to push the envelope and crank up their fitness – whether that is for fighting or for life.

As well as the 9am Saturday session this week we’ll have the 6.30am Tuesday boxing fitness session with Daniel Null. Get ready for an hour of power with the heavyweight former US Marine.

Thursday night will be a 45-minute smash session with Luke Bones.



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