She’ll be sweet

September 28, 2015

Anyone who has followed the dramatic trajectory of Australian champion boxer Diana Prazak will know that she sure has a story to tell.

From overweight chain smoker to two-time world champion, and the first Australian boxer of any gender to become pound for pound number one in the world. The ups and downs of this journey are compelling.

Diana is now based in California, but she’ll be back in Australia in December and will be telling her inspirational story, conducting a training session as well as offering an exclusive private screening of the the award winning film about her fight with Frida Wallberg, ‘Bittersweet’.

MBC is proud to present this extraordinary event which will be  taking place at Mischa’s Boxing Central on December 6 from 1pm – 5pm.

To book tickets for this rare chance to spend an afternoon with one of the legends of Australian boxing, go here.

Diana was last in Australia in 2014 when she fought another pioneer of the sport Shannon O’Connell in Melbourne. Everyone at MBC had the chance to meet and talk with her as well as her trainer, Lucia Rijker, as they prepared for the fight. Diana won many friends in the gym with her down to earth approachable personality.

We consider her one of our own and MBC is her home gym whenever she comes back to Melbourne. It’s part of the philosophy of the place that we give women as much exposure and opportunity as the men get in boxing but not to the exclusion of men. So this seminar is open to all.

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