Champion for change

October 20, 2017

Coaches Nick and Mischa are going on holidays (but not together). However, we have a special treat in store for those who attend the 5.30pm Fighters’ Class.

For the first two weeks of November Bianca Elmir, an elite level amateur boxer, Australian and Oceania champion and world championship contender will be running the classes while we’re away. Bianca is turning professional in December and this is an exciting time for her and for fans of boxing.

Bianca is a dynamic and entertaining fighter who will flourish on the professional scene. Her energy is infectious and you’ll have a lot of fun in her classes and learn a lot as well.

She has been a long time friend of Boxing Central and some of you will already know her from the women’s boxing clinics she and Mischa have run together.

Make the most out of her time in  the gym. Book some PT sessions with her while she’s here to get some tips and pointers and be inspired by her energy.

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