"An open, friendly boxing gym. No matter your level of fitness you are welcomed by a bunch of awesome, friendly and inspiring people (trainers and trainees) who help you to get fit and learn boxing techniques. Thanks Mischa for creating such a fun and safe space." - Alex

Members have access to the gym for general use between 4-8pm weekdays and 9am-12pm Saturdays
(outside of these times by appointment).

Boxing Central is a place where old school style meets the brave new world. Based in Footscray, with the city of Melbourne and docks on its doorstep, the gym has the gritty atmosphere of traditional boxing gyms but with a contemporary feel that welcomes all-comers, women especially. Men are a big part of this sport and always will be however, it is the sport that has pride of place at Boxing Central. The first class is always free and with no lock in contracts there is no excuse not to come by and see how Boxing Central suits you. Make no mistake, this is an authentic boxing gym. But what makes it unique is that it is owned and run by a woman.

"Mischa’s Boxing Central goes beyond any other boxing gym in Melbourne. It is an all-inclusive space that accepts any age, gender and skill level. Boxing fitness classes focus on developing individual form and technique through intensive pad work drills, as well as working on full body strength." - Jillian


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Mischa Merz

Mischa Merz is an internationally recognised pioneer of women’s boxing and fostering the growth of females in the sport has been a long-standing passion. That said, the gym is for everyone, men and women, boys and girls. Beginners and non-contact boxers are encouraged to come down and participate, we want to share our sport with you.

Boxing Central is a state of mind as much as a place. The demands placed on all of us in contemporary city life create a need to blow off steam and if you’re looking to do that in a way that is creative, engaging and fun. This is the place.

Mischa’s Boxing Central is at 23 Youell Street, Footscray.

Check our timetable for classes.

Contact Mischa on mischa@netspace.net.au


Contact: 0408 012299